Monday, 28 October 2019

Top 10 cleaning tips for wooden floors

Keeping your hardwood flooring clean is an significant part looking after it. A well cared for hardwood floor can last a lifetime. Here are our top 10 cleaning tips:

1. Sweep everyday

To maintain your hardwood flooring dirt and dust free you need to sweep the surface every day. Use a soft bristle brush as it is delicate but powerful. You can use a vacuum cleaner, but it should have an attachment designed for hardwood flooring.

2. Clean after a week

After sweeping, you must clean your floor at least once a week. If it is a busy place just like a hallway or living room, you may want to do this more frequently. Use a wood floor cleaning spray and micro-fibre mop. The Bona Wooden Floor Cleaning Spray is ideal as it has a removable pad, spray handle and refillable cleaning option.

3. Wipe spills

Your hardwood flooring can consume water or any type of liquid that's left on it for some time. It is essential that you wipe away excess water as soon as you notice it. If it is left to soak in, it may leave water marks on your floor, or perhaps cause deeper water harm to the planks.

4. Take off outside footwear

Please remember to take off any moist or dirty outdoor footwear prior to walking in your hardwood floor. Little pieces of grit or stone could scratch your hardwood flooring if walked . It will also indicate that you won't need to wipe out dirty footprints.

5.Use doormats

We always recommend that you use doormats at all entrance doors. This can help to grab dirt and
water until it gets the chance to get onto your floor. This is especially important if your hardwood flooring leads straight onto a entry door (e.g. a hallway, darkened or any area with an external door).

6. Protect your floor

To reduce the possibility of scratching or scratching your flooring, we suggest using felt shield pads. These just go on the bottom of furniture (or any heavy object) and make a gentle barrier between your floor and the piece of furniture. They can be found in many different shapes and sizes.

7.Never use a steam mop

A steam mop is good for tiles but can lead to serious harm to your hardwood flooring. The steam can penetrate into the wood and make it swell, which consequently may cause the flooring to discolour and twist. For more information, have a read through: Could I use a stream mop on my hardwood floor?

8.Lift and carry heavy items

Should you consistently lift, take and gently put down heavy items when moving themyou will reduce the risk of scratching your flooring. If you drag things (like furniture, washing baskets or hefty toys) throughout your floor, they could cause scratches, marks and scrape the surface.

9.Don't use furniture polish

Furniture polish is designed for furniture not wooden floors. If you use it on a wooden floor it can create a slick residue that is extremely hard to eliminate. Because of this, your flooring may be dangerous to walk on.

10. Be cautious what products you utilize

Some cleaning products can be damaging to your wooden floor. Always check that a product is pH neutral and is suitable for use on hardwood flooring. Avoid any products which are acidic or abrasive.

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